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the Village

Bargemon is a charming village in the Haut-Var region of Provence, an area characterised by vineyards, densely wooded forests and rolling hills, upon which perch ancient former fortress towns.  Nestled against this stunning backdop, the village retains vestiges of its medieval architecture and clues to its fortified past can be found in its formidable stone gateways, ancient walls and watch tower.

Sitting 480m above sea level, Bargemon is known for its superb climate, therapeutic waters and unrivalled panoramic views.  The village was, at one time, inhabited by the Romans, before being flattened by the Moors and rebuilt in 950 as a fortified town.  The village is also famous for its pure water source, La Source de Couchoire, which was discovered by the Romans and flows to the Fontaine de Couchoire in the village.  People come from far and wide to fill their bottles with the water, which has a mineral composition similar to that of Evian.

Today, Bargemon is a vibrant hub of activity, where cyclists stop to rest weary limbs in the village fountain, and locals flock to the weekly artisan market.  The village also boasts a number of art galleries and museums, along with several charming restaurants. There is also a well-stocked supermarket, excellent butcher, pharmacy, tobacconist and two bakeries.  With its balmy evenings, shaded squares, fountains and magnificent views, it is easy to see why Bargemon has earned itself the nickname, ‘the Pearl of the Var.’

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